MEMBERS - Social Media Guide

Double Your Money With The CBD Box

Welcome to the CBD Box - Thanks for joining and being part of one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK.

This is a very simple way of making money by just explaining to your friends and family either face to face or via your social media pages that you’re now a reseller for The CBD Box and the benefits of affordable UK lab tested CBD oil. We have laid everything out in a simple step by step guide for you to follow, and included a special members website link at the end for access to your social media images, promotion banners and CBD leaflet templates

You can either read the Social Media Guide direct online or download a copy from the link below to printing out and read offline.

STEP-1Read this Social Media Marketing Guide:

Spend a good 1-2 hours reading over this Social Media Marketing Guide as this will first of all educate you on CBD oil and your New CBD Box products, plus it will also show you how to promote and recommend The CBD Box to your Friends & Family via all major social media channels.

STEP-2 - Contact all your friends and family and let them know about the benefits of CBD oil and that you are now a supplier of quality UK laboratory tested CBD oil.

Explain all the benefits of CBD oil and how it may be able to help them. The best way to do this is to go through your mobile phone contacts or your social media friends list and either mass message everyone or pick the ones from your contact list who you may think will be interested in your new CBD venture.  Refer to the ALL ABOUT CBD SECTION below to get yourself educated on CBD oil

STEP-3 - Prepare your social media posts to let everyone know you are now a Sales Rep for The CBD Box.

We have a detailed guide showing you the best ways to promote The CBD box via your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts including the best headlines, images and promotional banners for you to either copy and paste or tweak and edit to suit your liking. We recommend doing minimum at least 1 x post everyday showcasing the benefits of CBD, UK lab certificates and how easy it is to take CBD oil etc…. this will get you into a routine of doing a post everyday across all social media platforms which over time will give you some great exposure on the internet as a CBD Box reseller. Refer to the SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING SECTION & MEMBER DOWNLOAD LINK below to get yourself prepared for all the social media platforms.

STEP-4 - Get some branded leaflets printed and add your personal contact information.

These are great to hand out in town centres, markets, festivals, sports clubs, fitness centres, health and wellness groups, private medical centres, place on notice boards, local shops, post to local community, coffee shops and newsagents to name just a few ideas of the power of a printed leaflet in the right place!!

We recommend using a cheap online or local printer and do a small run of about 100-200 leaflets to test the response from each of the areas you have placed the leaflets as this helps to show what areas/places are working and what’s not… the areas that have the best response you then need to spend more time and effort on these which will improve your overall sales. Refer to the CBD BOX LEAFLET TEMPLATES FROM THE MEMBERS DOWNLOAD LINK below to get your pre-designed leaflets ready for printing.

STEP-5 - Send out pre-written emails to specialist groups that would be interested in CBD oil.

We have put together 10 of the best engaging sales intro emails for you to either fill in the blanks or tweak and edit. We find the best way to find the right people to contact is through the niche networking and help groups that are setup around social media and the internet.

You can find these very easy by typing into the Facebook or Google search bar keywords like these: ANXIETY HELP GROUP, CHRONIC PAIN GROUPS, ARTHRITIS SOCIETY, DEPRESSION HELP, PTSD HELP GROUP etc... you can see by adding the main benefit keyword and basic terms like GROUPS, SOCIETY, CROWD, MEETINGS will bring you to pages and pages of websites and social media groups where people (customers) are talking and discussing these problems openly.

It is best to contact the group administrator first using one of our prewritten emails to explain who you are and how you feel The CBD Box can be of great benefit to their followers/members (do not just post on the page about CBD oil or anything that is asking for a direct sale without speaking to the website or group owner as this can get you kicked out/banned from the group). Refer to the SALES INTRO EMAIL TEMPLATES FROM THE EMAIL SECTION below to start planning your first emails to website and group owners. 


The best way to succeed and have regular sales incoming from the CBD Box is to keep doing more of what we have shown you in the first few steps, keep updating and posting more social media posts, keep talking to friends and family members asking them to try the oil and get the feedback from them, keep dropping leaflets around great places of interest and keep contacting social groups on a regular basis. As you can see if you can make this a small routine into your daily life (a quick post and an email a day), then over time it starts to snowball, you end up contacting more and more people, who in turn purchase your CBD oil, then after a few weeks of receiving the amazing benefits from our CBD oil they come back and order again and again (Repeat Business FOREVER!!)

*** make sure you keep an eye on your stock levels and we advise to start reordering once you get to around 1/3 of your stock left to make sure there is enough time for you to place your order and have it delivered before you run out of stock. The last thing you need is to be putting in all this hard work and have customers wanting CBD oil and for you to have nothing available (Stay Smart-Be Prepared!)


All About The CBD Box

Just Before You Start Selling.…Educate Yourself The more you know the easier it is to sell!


We have 2 different strengths of CBD oil available at 5% (500mg) and 10% (1000mg), below is an easy breakdown of the CBD content for you to be able to explain to your new customers and we have also put together a list of answers to the general questions you or your customers may have.

The CBD Box 5% 500mg CBD Oil

5% 500mg Certified CBD Content – RRP £29.99+

This is our ENTRY LEVEL CBD Oil TINCTURE we have on the UK market - 1ml = 50mg of CBD. Each 10ml bottle contains 500mg of CBD concentrate and has been fully tested by a 3rd party laboratory PhytoVista based in the UK (see your copy of the lab test certificate)

  • 500mg CBD in 10ml Bottle
  • 50mg CBD per 1ml
  • 20 x Drops per ml
  • 5mg CBD per Drop

Start with 2-4 CBD oil drops twice a day under the tongue (for fast absorption - try and hold for a 60-90 seconds before swallowing)

The CBD Box 10% 1000mg CBD Oil

10% 1000mg Certified CBD Content – RRP £49.99+

This is our STRONGEST CBD Oil TINCTURE we have on the UK market - 1ml = 100mg of CBD. Each 10ml bottle contains 1000mg of CBD concentrate and has been fully tested by a 3rd party laboratory PhytoVista based in the UK (see your copy of the lab test certificate)

  • 1000mg CBD in 10ml Bottle
  • 100mg CBD per 1ml
  • 20 x Drops per ml
  • 5mg CBD per Drop

Start with 2-4 CBD oil drops twice a day under the tongue (for fast absorption - try and hold for a 60-90 seconds before swallowing)



How Much Money Can I Expect to Make??

With The CBD Box Starter Packages, you can expect to double your money, the bigger The CBD Box Package the more profit you make as the costs of the oil reduce in price to you the more you buy –

Do I Need A Website To Sell My CBD Box Oil And Can I Sell It Direct To Friends & Family?

NO – we have setup The CBD Box so you have every option to either sell your CBD Box oil online through all social media platforms or direct face to face with friends and family.

How Long Does It Take To Start Earning Money From Selling The CBD Box Oil?

Once you place your order online, we will prepare and it normally ships out to you within 24hrs on a Tracked-24 shipping service by Royal Mail, so within 48hrs you can be completing any orders that you have taken and start making money!

What Happens When I Run Out Of Stock/Oil?

NO NEED TO PANIC!! We have plenty of stock and advise for you to start placing an order for your new stock when you get to about 1/3 left to make sure you there is enough time once you have placed your next order for the stock to be shipped out to you in time for your new customer orders.

How Many friends Can I Refer And Do I Get Paid £25 For Each One?

You can refer as many friends to join our reseller network and for each one that signs up and places an order we will pay you £25 as a Thank-You! This is NOT a pyramid scheme - our business opportunity model is about selling our CBD oil range and not about recruiting more new members, the "Refer A Friend" scheme is an added bonus to our CBD oil work from home business opportunity.

How BIG Is The CBD Market Going To Be?

Estimated growth of the CBD oil market is expected to reach over £2Billion World-Wide by 2020 and its gaining insane momentum in the Health & Wellness sectors with already over 500,000 registered users in the UK and more national chains, such as Holland & Barrett, Boots and Ocado now stocking CBD oil brands on their shelves.

Do I Have To Pay Any Membership or Joining Fees?

NO – We have dropped the £25 joining fee for the remainder of 2019, if you’re already a CBD Box Member then you will never be charged a membership fee. (if you haven’t signed up by the end of 2019 then the joining fee will be back to £25 per new member)

What Is Hemp CBD?

Better known as CBD, it is one of over 100 compounds known as cannabinoids found in the hemp/cannabis plant that can be used to deal with a multitude of different health problems.

How Is The CBD Box Oil Made?

The CBD Box oil is made direct on the 97-acre industrial cannabis plantation in Europe. The CBD oil is made by extracting CBD from the hemp/cannabis plant, then diluting it with an organic carrier oil like Hemp Seed oil.

Is CBD Oil Legal In The UK?

YES COMPLETELY - Laws regarding cannabis and CBD oil are constantly being updated and changing around the world. However here in the UK our CBD oil products are 100% legal to sell as a food supplement. 

How Much CBD Is In The CBD Box Oil?

The CBD Box branded CBD oil has either 500mg or 1000mg of UK Lab Certified CBD content

How Do I Take The CBD Box Oil?

The CBD Box oil comes in 10ml bottle tinctures, as this is an oil-based product it is best taken orally and held under your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing – (see your How To Take CBD Oil Cards in your CBD Box)

What Is The CBD Box Oil Mixed With?

The CBD Box oil is made with industrial hemp cannabis resin diluted in a Hemp Seed carrier oil.

Does CBD Oil Really Work?

With thousands of happy CBD customers throughout the UK and with 5* positive customer feedback we would say YES - CBD oil does work and the UK feedback proves it! (To read our CBD Box Oil Customer 5* Reviews please visit the CBD Box Packages page as the reviews are at the bottom)

Is The CBD Box A Trusted UK CBD Oil Supplier?

YES – The CBD Box is a UK based family company that work directly with 97-acres of industrial cannabis plantation and control the whole CBD oil manufacturing and production process with proven certified UK lab tested CBD oil. 

How Much of The CBD Box oil Should I Take?

We advise to start with 2 drops under your tongue in the morning and the same again in the evening before you go to bed, repeat this process for around a week to allow the CBD to get into your system and if you feel comfortable you can then up the dosage to 4 drops in the morning and 4 drops in the evening.

Can I Drive or Go To Work Whilst Taking CBD Oil?

YES – It is perfectly safe and legal for you to take/use CBD oil whilst driving or at work as we regularly lab test all our products to ensure we have the correct levels of THC to abide by the UK laws.

How Can I Spot Fake or Poor CBD Oil?

During our time in the industry we have seen many of the FAKE CBD OILS on the UK market and they are normally very easy to spot if you follow these simple rules:

  • Can they provide a valid UK Lab Report showing what’s in the bottle?
  • Do they show you the full information on the bottles - % Dilution and MG?
  • Is the bottle bigger than 10ml? Bigger bottle normally means a weaker watered-down version of a poor CBD oil to start with = PLACEBO!!!
  • Is the CBD oil too cheap or have special offers like buy 2 get 1 free for £14.99…?

Can My Dog or Cat Take The CBD Box Oil?

YES – The CBD Box oil can be given direct to your dog or cat to help relieve any pains, discomfort or anxiety they may have.

Is The CBD Box Oil Similar To Love Hemp, Provacan, Love CBD or Hempura CBD?

YES – We are very confident The CBD Box oil brand is as good if not better than most of the major CBD oil brands on the UK market due to the fact we can actually prove the certified CBD content in each bottle by providing every customer with a copy of the UK lab certificate and have full traceability from seed to bottle.

Do You 3rd Party Lab Test The CBD Box Oil?

YES – Every batch of CBD oil gets a sample sent over to PhytoVista Laboratories based in the UK. These guys are a specialist cannabis testing laboratory that provide a certificate showing The CBD Box oil to be the correct and true % dilution levels.

Is CBD And THC The Same Thing?

NO – CBD is the compound in the cannabis plant that has major anti-inflammatory properties and is fully legal in the UK to take, THC is the controlled substance in the cannabis plant that gets you HIGH and is only legal in the UK with a dosage of 0.2% or less.

Will CBD Oil Help With My Illness?

CBD oil has been proven to help with health problems, but we always advise you to seek real medical advice and consult with your local GP/Doctor and ask them if it is OK for you to be taking CBD oil with your current medications. NEVER GIVE ANY MEDICAL ADVICE OR PROMISE ANY MEDICAL CLAIMS WHEN TAKING CBD OIL AS THIS IS NOT ALLOWED (Industry Rules!!)

Is There Any Side Effects To Taking The CBD Box Oil?

NO – CBD oil is a natural organic oil and has nothing else added that could give off any major side-effects. If you have been known to have any allergic reactions in the past to other products then we advise you to speak with your local GP/Doctor first before taking CBD oil.

Does CBD Oil Interact With My Other Medications?

We advise you to speak directly with your local GP/Doctor to get the right answer to this one as we don’t know what medication you are taking and would never offer this kind of unlicensed advice.

What’s The Difference Between Industrial Hemp & Marijuana?

The major difference is how industrial hemp has been grown - Industrial hemp is very fibrous, with long strong stalks, and barely has any flowering buds, while a marijuana strain of Cannabis sativa will be smaller, bushier, and full of flowering THC buds.


The CBD Box Social Media Marketing Guide

Social Media Posts are the best way of reaching your customers: We have several methods across all the different platforms and different ways that you can use to stand out on your customers social network feed! Social Media is by far the best way for you to inform and tell new customers about the CBD box!

Posting on Social Media: The aims with each post are to attract people to your CBD oil, you should know that not everyone who sees your post is going to buy anything, however by following these steps it should help improve the chances, not only that but product awareness is just as important as sales! 

Educate: People need to know about The CBD Box, we have loads of prewritten text for you to use along with professional images to add to the posts, remember you should never post just text on its own, try to target your posts to certain groups. Try bringing your CBD oil into a relevant conversation/topic – When talking or promoting any of our products make sure your post or topic is relevant 

Personal Product Post: Why not try our CBD oil yourself! – Show images of you using The CBD Box, your benefits and experience with CBD oil. It will help show to your potential customers your views are genuine and you believe in your products!

Images: All our CBD Box images can be found by copying the MEMBERS DOWNLOAD LINK into an internet browser, downloading the files and save to your computer desktop. There are loads of images for you to choose from that can grab your audience’s attention!

Customer Reviews: Nothing is more convincing to new customers than showing how your current customers have loved The CBD Box. Each time you get feedback from a customer try and ask them for a picture with the bottle and some kind words on how The CBD Box has helped with their issues that you can post on your social media pages to show everyone else that your customer base is enjoying the major benefits from our CBD oils.

Call-2-Action: Have you included a call-2-action in your post, that gives your customer a reason to read further or maybe even purchase your CBD oil – (Don’t forget to include your contact phone number and email address so they can get in touch to order direct from YOU!)

Ask These Questions Before Posting Any CBD Box Related Posts!

  • Would You Read This Post Yourself?
  • Is It Informative and Interesting To Your Potential Customers?
  • Is Your Post Eye-Catching?
  • Is This Post Going To Generate Sales?
  • Have You Asked Questions?
  • Is There A Good Call-2-Action?


99 attention grabbing headlines - The CBD Box

Below is 99 of the most popular titles & headers from around the web, these have proven track records to get the most engagement from selling supplements online, just fill in the blanks... and your good to go!

  1. You Gotta Try This ......
  2. Are You Joining The CBD Revolution?
  3. The One Thing You Need to Change ......
  4. CBD Has Helped Millions ….. Care To Join Them
  5. Have You Heard About The CBD Box?
  6. Save Your Health With CBD
  7. Do You Struggle With (Health Problem)?
  8. Change Your Life With CBD
  9. Have You Heard About _____
  10. How To Get Rid Of ......
  1. [Problem......]? Here’s How to Fix It
  2. Get Rid Of ...... For Good!
  3. What’s The Whole CBD Deal About?
  4. Want To ......? Now You Can!
  5. Unsure About CBD Oil? Read This
  6. Have You Tried CBD Oil
  7. Bad Experience With CBD Oil? Read This
  8. Why Your CBD might not be what you thought it was and how to change it
  9. Is CBD Oil Right For You?
  10. Forget (Product) …. Have You Tried CBD Oil?
  11. Never Worry About ...... Again
  12. Do You Have Problems With (Health Problems)?
  13. Forget The Doctors…. Have You Tried CBD
  14. How To Permanently Stop ......, Even If You’ve Tried Everything!
  15. How To ...... in [#] Minutes
  16. How To ...... in [#] Easy Steps
  17. How To Quickly ......
  18. How To Make A ...... The Easy Way
  19. How To Jump Start Your Health......
  20. How To ......Without ......
  21. What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oils
  22. Do You Struggle With _____
  23. (number) Easy Fixes to ......
  24. ...... Your ...... In ...... Days or Less
  25. (number) Greatest ...... Hacks For ......
  26. Try These (number)......For A Week, And Be Twice As ......
  27. 1 Simple Rule To Solving Your Health Problems With CBD ____
  28. (number) ...... Guaranteed To Make Your ...... Easier
  29. (number) Simple Things You Can Do To Be A ......
  30. Triple Your Results Without ......
  31. The ...... Shortcut To ......
  32. Think You Know How To ......?
  33. How To ...... The Right Way
  34. How Not To Become A ......
  35. (number) Things You Should Never Do ......
  36. (number) Rookie Mistakes ...... Make
  37. Biggest ...... Mistakes And What You Can Do About Them
  38. Warning: ...... Unregulated CBD
  39. (number) Questions You Should Ask Before Buying CBD......
  40. (number) Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make
  41. (number) Major Mistakes Most ...... Continue To Make
  42. (number) Things That Will Trip You Up In ......
  43. Are You Still Wasting Money On ......?
  44. (number)...... That Will Break Your ......
  45. When You Feel ......
  46. The Essential Guide To ......
  1. The Step by Step Guide To ......
  2. Beginners Guide: ......
  3. The Practical Guide To ......
  4. The Ultimate Guide To ......
  5. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On ......
  6. The Definitive Checklist For ......
  7. The Dos And Don’ts Of ......
  8. (number)...... Facts ...... Should Know
  9. (number) Things Your ......Doesn’t Tell You
  10. (number) Secrets To ......
  11. (number)Dirty Little Secrets Of ......
  12. Little Known Ways To ......
  13. The ...... No One Is Using!
  14. (number) Things Nobody Tells You About ......
  15. The Real Truth About ......
  16. Why ...... Is Really Worth ......
  17. (number) Unspoken Rules About ...... Every ...... Should Know
  18. (number) Reasons You Didn’t Get ......
  19. ....... Myths You Need To Ignore
  20. (number)......You Forgot About ......
  21. This Is What Happens When You ......
  22. (number) Key Benefits Of ......
  23. What Everybody Ought To Know About ......
  24. Why ...... Is the Key To ......
  25. (number) Most Effective Tactics To ......
  26. Best Tip Ever: ......
  27. (number) Tips For ...... That You Absolutely Can’t Miss ......
  28. (number)......You Need To Know About ......
  29. The Only ...... You Should ...... Today
  30. (number)Questions You Must Ask Before ......
  31. (number)......That You Need Immediately
  32. (number) Things I Wish I Knew About ......
  33. What I Learned From ......
  34. I Don’t Regret ...... But Here’s What I’d Do Differently.
  35. (number) Lessons About How Not To ......
  36. Behind The Scenes Of A ......
  37. What It Is Like To ......
  38. _____Helped Me ......
  39. How I Found A ...... Way To ......
  40. (number) Amazing ...... To Try Right Now
  41. (number) Insanely Powerful ...... You Need To ......
  42. (number) Insane ...... That Will Give You ......
  43. (number) Most Amazing ...... To ......


The CBD Box & Facebook 

Facebook is the most popular social media on the planet, hundreds of millions of people search and view peoples posts each day, here’s how to make yours stand out and reach the largest number of potential customers for your CBD oil!

Things to remember about Facebook…

Feed Posts: Posts appear on everyone’s Facebook feed, be sure to use any of the images and cool headlines/titles to make your posts selling your oil viewed by as many people as possible, aim for at least 1 post a day, to give your customers daily reminders and information about The CBD Box.

Stories: Stories are disappearing pictures and videos on Facebook that last 24 Hours, they usually reach a larger amount of people in a shorter space of time as more people check stories before looking at post’s statistics show! Be sure to post The CBD Box images on both Facebook stories and regular posts on your feed.

Questions/Polls: This is one of the best ways to get the most interaction with your production and sale as by asking your potential customers questions gets them talking about your CBD oil

Facebook Groups: Facebook Groups are full of people who are interested in similar things, because of this, you should be looking at targeting as many of these groups with The CBD Box. Post as many images and information as you can in here, remember some of these groups will have rules about advertising! Refer to the EMAIL SECTION below for how to approach an admin/group owner in a professional manner

Product Related Posts: Try the CBD oil Yourself and Include Photos – Show photos & images of you using The CBD Box, it helps show to your audience your views are genuine and you believe in the products!


The CBD Box & Twitter

Twitter Is All About Conversation - People love talking about stuff via trending hashtags, here’s how to get people talking about your product! When tweeting, don’t forget to use our prewritten hashtags to get the most out of your posts. Refer to the list below for help and inspiration on what to tweet and how to write good hashtags etc...

Things to remember about Twitter… 

Hashtags: Hashtags are the best way to connect and reach people on twitter, being able to use the correct hashtags on your promotional posts can reach huge amounts of people, you should try and keep your tweets targeted to a specific audience as you’ll gain a lot more followers if people who are seeing your posts can relate to them!

Likes and Retweets:  Liking and retweeting other people’s posts can have real impact on your own post, you’ll gain followers by liking related posts and the new followers you gain are guaranteed to like your similar related stuff too!

Direct Messages: Many users on twitter have their direct messages open, why not send them a message talking about the CBD Box or CBD in general. It can be an effective tool - Refer to the SALES INTRO EMAIL TEMPLATES FROM THE MEMBER DOWNLOAD LINK below to start planning your first emails to website and group owners.

Character Limit: Twitter only allows for 250 characters on each tweet, remember to be short and sweet about the message your trying to get across!

TWITTER HASHTAGS - Use these when talking about CBD / Selling CBD oil















































TWITTER HASHTAGS - Use these when mentioning the benefits of CBD oil





























The CBD Box & Instagram 

Instagram is great for your customers to see your CBD Box products. Everyone loves pictures and the feed is a constant scroll of all the best photos from your followers. By posting about The CBD Box on your Instagram can help you to generate your sales, as there’s already millions of CBD related posts and your posts are guaranteed to contribute well to the CBD community!

Things to remember about Instagram…

Hashtags: Like Twitter, Hashtags are great for reaching new audiences or people with similar interests to your post, the more hashtags that you use on Instagram the more chances you have of being seen/found.

Stories: Like Facebook, Instagram stories last for 24 hours and are viewed more consistently than regular feed posts, Users tend to view them before the normal feed so make sure you’ve always got something on your story! 

Refer to THE MEMBER DOWNLOAD LINK below for full access to all our branded images and banners for you to post on your Instagram feeds


 The CBD Box Sales Email Templates

Emails are often overlooked as a good method to target specific groups or people to promote The CBD Box or provide information about CBD Oil in general. If done correctly, your emails can have a significantly good response. By Far the hardest thing to do with emails is getting them opened and not end up in the spam folder! Refer to the SALES INTRO EMAIL TEMPLATES below to start planning your first emails to website and group owners.

Things to remember about Emails… 

Make It About Them, Not About You: You want them to connect or relate to your email’s topic immediately, direct address is a perfect way of hooking them onto your topic! TIP – Ask them a question straight away to get them hooked!  

Keep It Short: Ideally 4 paragraphs max (make it of interest and mobile friendly) Nobody wants to spend ages reading, especially when you’re trying to promote something.  Use language that's conversational is a really good method of keeping your readers interested in your email! Remember the smaller the ask the easier to answer the easier the response is.  

Sell Them The Product But Sell It As If They Are Your Friend: Connect with the reader and prove to them that the product is actually useful and the benefits they will be getting from it. 

Follow-Up, And Follow Up Your Follow-Ups: even if you get no response the first time. Ensure that you send them a second message, it might have just been accidentally deleted or read at the wrong moment, there might be a buyer there you never know!  

Always Ask Questions: Questions are the best way to open up your reader and see how our products might benefit them. 

We have put together 2 types of emails for you to use depending on who you are trying to contact. The first 5 x emails are for sending direct to potential customers with a quick call to action and explanation to the product. The second 5 x emails are for sending direct to group and admin owners on social media asking for them to work with you or help promote your CBD oil to their list of followers etc… (edit or tweak and amend to give you a great platform to start engaging with customers


The CBD Box Email Templates

EMAIL TEMPLATE 1 (Money Off Discount Email)

Email Subject Line:    ___ OFF CBD Oil

Email Body Text: Hi __FIRSTNAME__,

I’m running a huge sale on our CBD Oil Product range. This is your perfect opportunity to grab a bargain on some of the most effective CBD oils on the UK market! CBD Oil has a huge range of benefits for dealing with [Health Problem], 

Hurry up – this sale ends [insert end date of sale]!



EMAIL TEMPLATE 2 (Have You Tried Latest Product Email)

Email Subject Line: CBD? Are You Apart Of The Revolution?

Email Body Text: Hi __FIRSTNAME__,

Have You Heard About CBD Oil Before? CBD oil overall has huge benefits for our health [Insert Benefit]. But don’t take my word for it, find out what some of MY OWN customers have said about their experiences with CBD Oil!

-          [Insert Testimony # 1]

-          [Insert Testimony # 2]

-          [Insert Testimony # 3]

Care To Join The CBD Revolution Yourself? 

The CBD Box Is Here To Provide YOU With The Most Effective Full Spectrum Oil On The Market!

Please Reply To This Message For More Information



EMAIL TEMPLATE 3 (New Product Discovery Email)

Email Subject Line: Its Changed My Life, Why Not Let It Change Yours...

Email Body Text: Hey, this isn’t some boring sale email that’s made its way out the spam folder… I’m genuinely trying to help spread the word about this product that’s changed my life and I want other people to experience the same relief that I’ve felt!

Do You Deal With ___? (Health Problem) I know the pain, I deal with it myself…. But have you heard about CBD Oil and the benefits that CBD can help deal with (Problem).

You might have heard some negative rumours about CBD or Cannabis oil but I guarantee you’ll never look back once you’ve tried it!

If you would like more information, please don’t be afraid to contact me back

Kind Regards….


EMAIL TEMPLATE 4 (Struggling With A Problem Email)

Email Subject Line: Do You Struggle With (Health Problem) I have a solution…

Email Body Text: A few months ago, a friend recommended I start taking CBD Oil for my [Health Problem] and I’ve noticed such a change in my health:


I’ve noticed how CBD Oil is completely undermined as a well-known product for dealing with [Health Problem] and I’m trying to spread the word about CBD so it can change people’s lives just as it did with mine! 

Thousands of people discover the benefits of CBD oil each day, are you ready to join them?



EMAIL TEMPLATE 5 (Struggling With A Problem Email 2)

Email Subject Line: Without CBD Oil, My Life Would Be Completely Different! 

Email Body Text: I spent years struggling with [Health Problem] until I discovered CBD Oil, its completely changed my life and I want it to change yours! 

Did you know that CBD Oil has a huge range of benefits for dealing with [Heath Problem]? Don’t just listen to me, see what everyone else is saying about CBD Oil: 

-          [Insert Testimony # 1]

-          [Insert Testimony # 2]

-          [Insert Testimony # 3]




Email Subject Line: The Problem With The CBD Industry   

Email Body Text:  Hi __FIRSTNAME__,

First, I’d like to congratulate you on your page/group/website/blog! Your Followers/Members seem extremely integrated into the discussions that take place! I’ve noticed that a lot of your members/followers seem to have interests in CBD Oil, maybe some of them might be taking the oil.

However, do you know that there are hundreds of CBD companies out there with new ones popping up every day, the reality is that some “CBD” products have little to no CBD in them.  In fact, the FDA evaluated CBD products in 2017 and 2018.  They found that 22 out of 24 products did not have the levels of CBD advertised on their label. I am trying to bring complete transparency into the CBD Industry, and I want people to know about where to get good quality UK lab tested oil, rather than being ripped off!

This is where we are different. The CBD Box Offers complete transparency with their production, testing and distribution my CBD oil. Unlike many other CBD brands, ALL our oil is UK Lab Tested and we know exactly what’s in the bottle!

If you'd like to hear further about The CBD Box, please reply to this message, I’d love to be able to bring your Members/Followers some of my CBD Oil as I know many of them can benefit greatly!




Email Subject Line:  Do You Want To Help Your Followers!

Email Body Text: Hi __FIRSTNAME__,

I’m sorry for the bother, I’m not here just to sell, I’m here to help! I see your page/group/website/blog discussion is about [Health Problem], I want to be able to help them with CBD Oil, some of your followers may already be dealing with there [Health Problem] but some people might be as unaware just as I was just a few months ago that CBD oil can actually help. This has completely changed my life and I’m trying to spread the word about the amazing benefits that CBD Oil offers!

I’d love to work within your community to provide them with a product that improves their lives! The CBD Box provides the UK’s most effective CBD to people across the country, my aim is only to help improve people’s lives who deal with [Health Problem].

Please let me know if it’s something we could develop into your page/group/website/blog…  After all, improving people’s lives is what really counts!




Email Subject Line:    CBD Oil, Perfect For Your _______! 

Email Body Text: Hi __FIRSTNAME__,

First, I’d like to say congratulations! Your page/group/website/blog seems to really help people deal with [Health Problem] and your community seems so supportive!

If you’ve heard about CBD oil before or not, the whole perception of cannabis oil may surprise you! CBD Oil actually has a huge range of benefits that can help people in your ____ deal with [Health Problem] Some of your ____ may already be on CBD Oil, if you’d be interested, I love to be able to spread the word about CBD oil in your group and provide your ____ with the best possible CBD Oil on the UK market!

Can’t Wait To Hear Back From You!




Email Subject Line:  Educate Your Followers/Members About CBD

Email Body Text: Hey! __FIRSTNAME__,

After being a part of your group, I’ve noticed that your pages community could really do with being educated about CBD Oil and the huge range of benefits that CBD Oil offers, especially for your members who deal with [Health Problem],

Did you know that CBD can help deal with:




Working for the CBD Box has accessed me to a whole library of information, images and products that I know some of your followers would love to hear about. CBD in this day is still a relatively unknown product and I want to bring the benefits of the oil to as many people as possible!

Thanks for taking the time to read, lease message me back to see how we could build our relationship.




Email Subject Line:  Your Followers, My CBD Oil

Email Body Text: Hey! __FIRSTNAME__,

First off, congratulations on building such a strong community in discussing [Health Problem], Communities like this are really needed for the people who need it most!

CBD Oil is a relatively unknown product, many people are still unaware of the many benefits that CBD oil can offer. I’m trying to change that… Millions of people are still yet to have their lives changed by it! Did you know that CBD oil can help with?

  • Benefit
  • Benefit
  • Benefit

The CBD Box is selling some of the UK’s most effective UK Lab Tested CBD oil, I know that some of your followers might already be using CBD Oil, however many on the market are not exactly what people are thinking they are buying! People need to know about the benefits of quality UK lab tested CBD Oil.

If it’s something you’d be interested in, I’d like to build our relationship where your members/followers can access my CBD Oil in exchange [you can offer discounts to give to their followers/members, split profit margins if they will put some adverts on their page showcasing your CBD oil and if anyone buys you will split the money with them etc….]



The CBD Box & Blogs 

Blogs are one of the most effective techniques of marketing products as your readers are usually already interested in you and the topics! The CBD Box has lots of topics that you can cover, such as the huge range of benefits CBD oil has!  Blogs can soon turn into a constant revenue stream if people enjoy what your writing about, in fact most large blogs these days have some kind of product offering, so why not join the fun? 

These are some of the most effective methods to marketing products on your blog along with some expert tips to help make it grow!  

Post Regularly: across a number of different blog websites, don’t just stick to one and limit yourself to the same people!

Share, Share, Share: Make sure everyone knows about your blog posts across all your different social media accounts, don’t be afraid to share! 

Enable Subscriptions: Make sure everyone’s subscribed to your account blog and are notified when you post a new blog! 

Comment on Other Accounts: Make other users aware of your blog, even better if you comment on topics that you’re relevant too! Audience Interaction Is Key! Create a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Page for Your Blog - It’s the best way to notify your readers along with forming a better bond with your CBD community!

Work with Others: Form bonds with other larger blog creators to get them to promote you and feature some of your work and products on their blog. Do the same for them! It’s always better to combine audiences! 

Always Make Your Blog Interesting: It might sound simple, but it happens a lot but just a load of text is not enough, don’t forget images, pictures and GIFS etc.

Be Controversial: Explore topics people are avoiding, make sure you do your research first, so you know what you’re talking about. People are guaranteed to read something that raises an eyebrow!   

Titles are Everything: See what people are searching and write about it. Make it eye-catching but also something people are searching for regularly)

Tags: Most major blog websites have tags, Use THEM! They can attract a huge growth in numbers as people search through the different topic feeds


The CBD Box

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    This is NOT the end!!… This is just the START!!..

    We will be sending you regular weekly emails with CBD updates, tips and tricks, new marketing plans, other reseller feedback and ideas just to name a few…. Make sure you have The CBD Box as a safe approved email address otherwise check your spam folder on a regular basis as you don’t want to miss out!